Ave Maria by Bach-Gounod

This Ave Maria (Bach-Gounod) CD provides the orchestral accompaniment in six different keys: G, F, E, E flat, D and C. The matching Ave Maria (Bach-Gounod) piano/vocal music book provides the music in these keys. CDs include Melody with Orchestra and Orchestra in Stereo steps; piano/vocal scores include Word-for-Word Translation under original Latin texts in the score.

The orchestral accompaniment CD and piano/vocal score is perfect for the church music director or voice teacher who needs this versatile and beautiful favorite song in a variety of keys to accommodate different soloists or voice students.

Ave Maria by Bach-Gounod CD and music book in 6 keys: $29.90

Ave Maria by Bach-Gounod CD only in 6 keys: $22.95

Ave Maria by Bach-Gounod music book only in 6 keys (ISBN 1-58127-003-8): $11.95