Johann Sebastian Bach: Magnificat
Choral Parts

Contains Diction step and Melody with Orchestra step with the target voice and orchestral accompaniment on one channel and the three other voices and orchestral accompaniment on the other channel. Includes all choruses and solo parts for each of soprano I, soprano II, contralto, tenor or bass parts, one CD per part. Orchestrations have been created using the Virtual Orchestra; click on About the Virtual Orchestra to find out more about our unique, state-of-the-art Virtual Orchestra system.


Chorus: Magnificat
Solo, II Soprano: Et exultavit
spiritus meus
Solo, I Soprano: Quia respexit
Chorus: Omnes generationes
Solo, Bass: Quia fecit mihi
Duet, Alto/Tenor: Et
Chorus: Fecit potentiam
Solo, Tenor: Deposuit potentes
Solo, Alto: Esurientes implevit
Trio/SSA: Suscepit Israel
Chorus: Sicut locutus est
Chorus: Gloria Patri

Johann Sebastian Bach: Magnificat Choral Parts CD: $22.95

I soprano II soprano alto tenor bass