Lord's Prayer Collection

The Lord’s Prayer Collection features nineteen religious songs from classical to romantic periods using the Melody with Piano step. These songs are from Schirmer’s Seventeen Sacred Songs Editions in high and low, plus we added the popular ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ and ‘The Holy City.’ This series provides inspirational repertoire for the singer hired as a church soloist.


Tape 1:
Malotte: The Lord’s Prayer
Andrews: Build Thee More
   Stately Mansions
Buck: Fear Not Ye
Coenen: Come Unto Me

Curran: The Resurrection
Gaul: A New Heaven
Gaul: Eye Hath Not Seen
Gounod: The King of Love
Handel: Come Unto Him
Tape 2:
Handel: He shall Feed His Flock
Hoffmeister: Behold, the    Tabernacle of God
Huhn: The Lord is My Strength
Malotte: The 23rd Psalm
Mendelssohn: If With All Your    Hearts

Mendelssohn: O Rest in the Lord
Scott: Come Ye Blessed
Shelley: He That Dwelleth
Topliff: Consider the Lilies
Adams: The Holy City

Lord's Prayer Collection, 2 tapes in high or low: $33.95

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