Songs Through the Centuries

Follows Carl Fischer scores, with Repetition and Diction steps for non-English texts and Melody with Piano step for all songs. Songs are always presented using their original texts; in high or low. Italian texts are spoken by Tulio Pintor, French texts are spoken by Martial Singher and German texts are spoken by Dietrich Erbelding. Piano accompaniments are played by Dietrich Erbelding.


Tape 1:
Folk Song: Drink To Me Only
Folk Song: Have You Seen
M. Arne: The Lass with a
   Delicate Air
T. Arne: Air from Comus
T. Arne: Under the
   Greenwood Tree
Folk Song: When Love is Kind
Baley: Long, Long Ago
Carey: A Pastorale
Bishop: Lo! Here the
   Gentle Lark
Brown: Shepherd! Thy

Morley: It Was a Lover
   and His Lass
Purcell: Passing By
Monro: My Lovely Celia
Mattei: Non è ver
Caccini: Amarilli, mia bella
Bononcini: Per la gloria
Carissimi: Vittoria, mio core!
Durante: Danza, danza
Schubert: Ave Maria
Martini: Plaisir d’amour
Bach: Bist du bei mir
Handel: Care selve
Mozart: Ridente la calma
Tape 2:
Flies: Wiegenlied
Beethoven: Ich liebe dich
Böhm: Still wie die Nacht
Schumann: Die Lotosblume
Loewe: Edward
Mahler: Ich atmet’ einen
   linden Duft
Schubert: An die Musik
Schumann: Widmung
Debussy: Il pleure dans
   mon coeur

Debussy: Mandoline
Adam: Cantique de Noel
Joio: How Do I Love Thee?
Duke: Just-Spring
Joio: There is a Lady
McArthur: Spring Day
Foster: Come Where My Love
Foster: Old Folks at Home
Foster: Jeannie With the Light
   Brown Hair

Song Through the Centuries, two tapes: $33.95

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